Monday, May 14, 2012

Can Someone Really Blame Their Failed Marriage on Their Stuttering Spouce?

I find this insane, but it's true. 46-year-old Hina Shah attempts to claim money from her stuttering husband (which she left years ago)saying that their marriage failed because of his speech impediment. Of course the court, Bandra Family Court rejected her demand.

 According to Hina Shah, she married her husband in Vadodara in 1987, and ever since then she was a victim of abuse and cruelty. She says that she was starved and kicked in the stomach while pregnant.She also stated that her husband stammering problem affected their marriage and admits she didn't want to live with him. Living away from the family since 1991, and would often visit Mumbai, she was supposed to come to the city for a wedding, but didn't due to her husband cruelty.

 The court says, “Her version has no ring of truth.” It was stated that Nasir tried to convince Hina to return with him. The court also noted that Nasir filed a petition for restitution in Vadodara, seeking to have his wife return to live with him.

 After having a confrontation with her husband, Hina returned to Mumbai. The judge observed and took note that, "“This admission clearly shows the quarrelsome behaviour of the petitioner. She admitted that at that time she had not intimated respondent or parents-in-law about her journey to Mumbai. This shows that she used to return to Mumbai without intimating anybody from the house. These tendencies do not point towards the factum of [her] neglect and refusal on the part of husband, but it shows [Hina’s] conduct.”

My thoughts

Honestly, I believe she just wanted money from him. There is no way anybody stammer can affect their marriage the way she describe. And I don't believe anything she said regarding her abuse either. When she married him, he stuttered, so how could she not know that? Seems like she's desperate and she wants the easy way out. After 18 years of being apart from her husband, it clearly shows that her claims are false, and she's the real problem, not him.

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