Sunday, October 31, 2010

Solution of Stammer in 10 Minutes

So, you are seriously looking for a solution to your stammer in 10 mintures? Be aware that this information is not for everyone. I share and discuss some personal and emotional opioions and experience with stammering and I don't ntend to hold anything back! I reveal the truth to you just as it is and I don't sugar coat non of it.

Now, what is the real powerful and life- changing STUTTER SOLUTION?

Well, let me introduce myself and explain WHY

 Hi and thank you for visiting my page, My name is Saytue. I understand that
you are searching help for stammering, and I think I have the
solution of stammering in 10 min to do so.

 It is totally up to you on what you think about what I'm saying, because I
really just want to give you my perspective on this uneasy condition that makes
stutterers feel nervous and scared. You may be the victim or your child or
friend is, but as you can tell, many stutterers isolate themselves from the
world for the rest of the day because they are being laughe at and trying to
maintain control of their speech after people memic their words. To me, it has
stressed me out dearly.

Wouldn't you? Are you?

 don't know who you are in person and I'm sure I don't know your name, by
all means, by you being here on my blog, I know that we have something in

"And that's the beauty of it, at least I know that I am among somebody that have the same problem as me."

Well, not technically, because I've learnt how to control my stutter
and if you keep reading, you will soon find out how I can help you with the
right brain cure to cure your stammering problem in under 10 minutes!

In so any ways, controlling your stammer and curing it for good are both
alike. Just like curing any disease, there is a slight chance of it coming
back. Well, when you learn how to control your stutter, there is a slight
chance it might come back if you forget how to control it. Does that make

 The wonderful thing about stammering is that it is a condition that can come
and go if you want it to. It is not a condition that controls you.

So why wouldn't you believe me if I told you that stammerung is a emotional
problem? Learning to control your way of thinking and saying sentences without
panicking will change the way you communicate with others in a much more
sophisticted and people will listen to you and respect you better.

 Wouldn't you love that?

 Is that what you want? To be listened to and respected? Sure you do, and I
'm almost positive that it will change your life!

 "The wonderful thing
about stammering is that it is a condition that can come and go if you want it to, it is not a condition that controls you."

 So, what does getting help for stuttering mean to you? To me, it meant the world. I got tired of not being able to finish my sentence because somebody bursts with laughter. I got tired of not being able to express my pain or sadness because I was afraid of being teased and not
taken seriously.

 Yep, and it’s true, because almost everyone around
me belittle me because I wasn’t able to express my feeling effectively.
Sometimes, people chump me off, because I felt like it was pointless of even
argueing or telling them off.

 Does that happen to you? It sure has happened to
me. Plenty of times, and I just got sick of it.

 I wasn’t born a stutterer, but I grew into it at age 5. I didn’t really care about it
until about 3rd grade. I use to hate reading in class and talk to boys. I’m sure we all experience this to.

Over the years of not understanding why I stutter,
it eventually took control of me, Until one night I decided that I was gonna do
whatever it took to find a solution to my stutter.

 But first, how could I get help for stuttering?
Well, first thing first, I started noticing a pattern in my stammer and got
connected with how I felt at the moment of stammering over my words.

 I realized that I stutter most when:

1.      I’m with a “group” of people I hardly know and
there are conversations going on

2.     I’m getting to know
new people

3.     I’m nervous

4.     I’m scared

5.     I’m angry

6.     I talk fast

You see, finding what triggers your stammer is 1 key to decreasing your stammer in under 10 minutes, because then, you can focus on changing the way you feel and think. For me, when it all came down to it, what triggered my stutter is basically my
nervousness and thinking too fast before speaking.

This may be you and maybe
it isn’t you, but right now, you are robbed of your voice and silence forever.
You probably feel alienated from others at social events, causing you to feel
completely alone. Even worst, you are prevented from fully expressing yourself.
Trust me, I know this is exactly how you feel. But you DO NOT have to feel like
that and it doesn't have to be true.

Honestly, I’ve had speech therapist, sadly to say that they are a waste of
time in my opioin. I don’t even think they fully understand stammering. The
only thing that has helped me are books on kill your stutter. Stuttering
information is probably the best solution to your stutter, because books hold
so much more valuable information and go deeper into the problem you are

The only stuttering information I know of that has changed my life as a
stutterer is the “Kill Your Stutter Guide”.

What is “Kill Your Stutter”?

The Kill Your Stutter ebook is a program designed to help get rid of anybody's stutter. Doesn’t matter if you are a Adult and child, The "Kill Your Stutter" ebook
works for anybody. It was created to remove any anxiety or panic attacks that
are influencing your stammering speech.

Upon opening up the book, you will quickly realize that there are lots of easy to
read excercises for you to do. The wonderful thing about the excerises are
that, they are easy to do and it does not matter if you are in the car driving
or sitting at home watching tv or in bed, the excercises were meant for you to
do them anywhere.

 Fore real, for real, this guide is probably the only thing I needed to get
rid of my stutter
. Thousandths of people just like me have changed their
lives because of this simple amazing ebook.

Click here to read some testimonies

 Do you want to be left behind and trapp your voice from ever speaking

Of course you don't! I know for a fact that this product changes lives, but
if you are not ready to take action and go through all the excercises till the
end, then I’m sorry, this guide is not for you.

Do you want to have a voice and never feel alianted from the world?
Learn how YOU can
cure your stutter with the Kill Your Stutter book that has allowed me to control my life!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Causes One To Stammer and How Can You Overcome It

So you stammer eh and you want to know what causes one to stammer and how can you overcome it? Well, first off, yes, I am a stutterer and I have overcome my stuttering. The reason is because I've come to understand my stammer though.

Understabding your speech problem shouldn't be hard:

1. You know what words always get's your stummering
2. You know how you are feeling wheneveryou stammer
3. You know which type of stammering you do with specific words or sentences.

See, there are so many ways to look deep into your speech impediment, that you do have options.

So, what causes one to stammer?

People who stutter want to get into certain emotional states of mind and that
causes them to begin stuttering because it acts like a trigger. Confused? In the how to stop stammering information, it has great wording about what causes stammering and some possible solutions to overcome stuttering.

Now, a solution to stammering can be different things for some people. I am not concluding that my stammering is 100% cured, because if you read my last article on "Solution to Stammering in 10 Minutes", you will soon realize that it is symbolic for someone to say that "controlling your stammer" and "curing stutter" are just alike.

But, mind you that I am internet radio producer and host and I stutter sometimes when I forget to use my stuttering techniques. But, I'm not bragging, I just want to encourage you to not use your stuttering as an excuse for you not doing what you love and hinder your self- esteem from being high.

The causes of stammering and how you can overcome stammering is what all stutterers want to know, trust when I say that it can be overwelming, but you'll get through it.
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Technique To Help Stop Stammering As Fast As Possible

Do you seriously want to learn  some technique to stop stammering as fast as possible? Sure, there are many techniques to decrease your stammering, such as :

1. Reading outloud to yourself
2. Not making direct eye contact when talking to people
3. Practice talking on the phone
4. Slow your words down when talking fast
5. Pronounce all your words the right way
6. Breathe betwwen words

Now, all of these techniques work. Some work better for others and some don't, but before you can effectively stop stuttering, you first have to know what triggers your stutter. Besides that, knowing the cause of stuttering will help tremendously.

You know the old saying" knowledge is power", so very true. And it works the same way with fluency disorder. Knowing will definitely help you discover what techniques to use to help stop stammering.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Overcome Stammering Fast


How to Overcome Stammering Fast

By: Hugh Benson
When you speak out loud, you are overcome by fear all of the time. You try to get the words to come out but you trip over them and they don't come out right. Then you hear people snicker and giggle around you because they think it is kind of funny. Little do they know, you have a stammer or a stutter and it is a serious condition. Even when you try to speak clearly, you can't do it. All you want is for your stammer to go away so you can be normal.
Stuttering and stammering are big speech impediments that people all over the world have. If you have a stammer, then you know how difficult life is and how hard it is to feel comfortable in public. You hate meeting new people because when you meet someone new, you are nervous and when you are nervous, your stammer worsens. All you want is to overcome stammering so you can speak with ease and confidence.
Thankfully, there are small steps that you can take at home that will help you to get rid of your stammer. For example, reading out loud can help to weaken your stutter. When you read out loud, you start to practice how words should roll off of your tongue. The more you read, the better your speech will become. Another way to overcome stammering is to not make direct eye contact with the person you are talking to. When you make direct eye contact, you get nervous so look at the bridge of their nose and you will be able to focus on your words.
About the Author
You don't have to struggle through another sentence again. Speaking in front of new people doesn't have to be an issue for you any longer. You can stop your stuttering and stammering and change the way you live your life. To find out more about how to stop stuttering and stammering, visit this Helpful Site!
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Article Source: - How to Overcome Stammering Fast
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Books On Kill Your Stutter

I dont want to read this article, please take me where I can speak with fluidity

Searching for books on kill your stutter is not as easy as it seems. You need someone that truly understands what you are going through for them to help you with this speech problem.

Yes, you can go on forever buying different books hoping that your opportunity to never stammer again is at reach or I can hold you by your hand and show you where there is a stuttering guide that gives you the simple steps you need to do to put an end to your stutter almost Immediately and the price it cost to get it is not nearly half the amount you would pay for a speech therapist that does absolutletly nothing!

If you have paid $2,000 or even maybe $5,000 for a speech therapist and is still searching on how to stop stuttering, obviously you have totally waisted your money. Good luck for you, I can put an end to your contant struggle of  gaining better communication, control, business success in your life, and you won't feel like you are alone, because people never pays attention to what you have to say.

Are you ready for me to show you this incredible guide for its incredible price? Before you can gain access to see all the great stuff you'll receive with "Kill Your Stutter" guide. I want you to read my personal stammering story first.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Techniques To Overcome a Stammer

Figureing out the techniques to overcome a stammer is pretty challenging and will certainly bring relief when it's finally overcame. Now, I'm not a speech thearapist, but I do know how to decrease your stammer because I use to stutter heavy as a child.

Stammering is not the worst thing in the world and it's not something that can't be fixed, so don't dwell over it ok. Stammering causes a person not to communicate effectively because words sometimes gets stumbled on, but the trick to this is to breathe before saying that word that gets stammered on. When you practice this constantly, it will help decrease your stammer.

 Visit (  and get the complete Cure Stuttering book!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Self-Hypnosis Steps Stammering

The self-hypnosis to stop stammering is not very hard to do and I will tell you how to do it. First, discover the reasons of your stuttering (click here), then distinguish what words you always stammer on and write them down; after that, get the self-hypnosis step stammering book and last, use that book to kill your stutter for good by following the instructions.
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How To Help a 10 Year Old Boy Stop Stuttering

Whenever a person tries to help a 10 year old boy stop stuttering, it is not more so about the age or gender, because age doesn't matter. It is about knowing how to get that child the correct formula for his or her stuttering problem.

Most of us parents can agree that it kind of makes us sad to see our children with this speech problem and we are more concerned about  kids making fun them and communication with others than anything else.

As a child, my stammering was terrible and I hated to stand in front of the class and talk. And it felt like my stomach crumbled and I'd start sweating and become nervous.

Now that I'm a adult, I now realise that emotions play a huge part in this so call "speech problem". The way you feel determines how you talk, because your thoughts bring out this certain emotion that causes people who are considered "stammerers" to choke upon words that become so hard to say.

The Kill Your Stutter  book shows how anyone can stop stuttering in under 10 minutes.

books on how to overcome stammering

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