Friday, December 23, 2011

Don't Forget to Socialize This Christmas and Don't Sweat Stammering Over Your Words

Merry Christamas to all stutterers across the world. Today I want to talk to you today about socializing this Christmas and how doing so will give you the courage to do it often. Reason why I created this post is because I know how difficult it is to socialize with a whole lot of people around you that don't stammer and get a comfortable feeling about it. Even if you'r not going to be around a bunch of your family or friends, it's still important to connect with people on Christmas. because this is the time of year that everyone gets to share what their thankful for and discuss New Years resolutions, even goals. This is the time where you want to get your point across and when you do, you will feel awesome about it.

I'm not saying that Christmas is the only time to socialize, but why hide from the world when it's open to all type of conversations? You have a lot to say, so go ahead and say it, laugh, eat, and cherish the moment, which you can not take back.

If you don't talk much because you're embarrased of your stammring, this should be an ultimate test. I want to test you, shoot, test yourself this Christmas and New Years to conversate as much as possible. Don't focus so much on your stammer, if you don't worry about it, I promise you that no body else will either.

In order to really see change in your stutter, you must learn to talk to people all the time, even if it's just asking a simple question.

Trust me, there were planty of times where I felt stupid of repesting the same word or syllabus 3 or 4 times just to get a single word or phrase out, but I quickly shook ity off and got over it. And let me tell you, even if someone snikers, because they think it's funny, be real with them. Tell them look,. "what are you laughing at?" If they tell you that it's because of how you said the word or phrase, thell them, "to be honest with you, I feel some type way and I don't appreciate you doing that because I stutter". When you tell them that, more than likely they will stop and really think about how you feel and they won't do it anymore.

People can't help what is funny, and sometimes I have to admit by putting myself in other peoples shoes. I'd probably sniker too if I wasn't a stutterer, so it's no big deal, as long as they don't make it habbit of literally making fun of me or talk about me.

Do you see where I'm getting at? It's ok to stutter, it's part of your life, however talking to people will decrease your stammer.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

What a Stammering Mess! I Guess Obama Job Priority Isn't Priority According To EPA


POLITICAL STAMMERING NEWS: The EPA clearly states that jobs do not matter. So, what is up with Obama always talking about "jobs" are top priority?

Soo, what is really good with jobs in the United States?

This became awared when the bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus testified Thursday before an Environment and Energy subcommittee hearing that his agency does not take jobs into account when it issues new regulations.

“We have not directly taken a look at jobs in the proposal,” Stanislaus said, referring to a regulation that would govern industries that recycle coal ash and other fossil fuel byproducts.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

When The 2012 President Election Comes, Should Trump Run?


Stutterers have a voice too right? Well, when the 2012 president election comes, should trump run?

You're probably giggling to yourself, and that's how I was too, but seriously though. The government wants Donald Trump to run for the 2012 president election, that's why they have created this huge campaign called "Should Trump Run"? I'm positive that this story hasn't reached everybody yet and I'm probably a few bloggers who have written an article on this thus far, because I heard the story on CNN yesterday and this is just a developing story.

Based on how many people that vote, it might persuade Donald Trump into running, but honestly though, I do not feel like he should run for president. Let me explain why.

1. Donald Trump is like a billionnair and he can probably buy the United States if he wanted to.

2. They are just trying their hardest to get the first black president, Barack Obama out of office.

3. The government is so trapped and corrupted, they will try to find anything to blame and because Donald Trump is so filthy rich, hey figure "he has money and power".

Honestly, I just do not understand why these people think that Donald Trump running and winning the election is going to end all this war stuff and confusion in the United States.

I mean, think about this, isn't it easier to destroy, but so hard to repair damages, such as killing over billions of people in the world? The United States is all about brain washing us in aking us think that they are for us. That is why presidents like John F. Kennedy got assisinated and black leaders like Martin Luther King got assisinated. Whenever real leader like these tell the truth, they get shot.

Trump can probably change the world and make it better, but it will take some years.

They haven't even given president Obama four years and they expect things to be better. NO! This type of stuff will take like 10 or 20 years, not just 4 years of office.

If you take a look at, you will see how they set up the website, just like a sales page. Everyting is so laid out for us to get sinked in and run with it. You'll see his bio, Obama vs Trump poll, everyting is good with him.

Well, my fellow stutterers, if you feel like you don't have a voice because you stammer, this is the perfect time to voice your opioion on whether or not Trump should run for 2012 president election. This is our time to speak up and vote, soooo, Should Trump Run?

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top Stammering Associations

When it comes to stuttering support groups and stammering associations it shouldn't be hard to find because there are only a few well knows ones. In this case, I'll be giving you the top stammering associations.


1. The British Stammering Association is your first point of contact for information
and support on stammering.

Actually, I just found out about not too long ago and I'm pleased to say that they are truly there for you. It's like a family.

British Stammering Association is a non profit organization for stutterers. They have great sources such as "Speaking Out,  the leading voice of stammering in the UK, Radio and stammering helpline.

I'm even a member of of their Facebook group, they always have valuable information for stutterers on their official Brisitish Stammering Assiciation Facebook page.
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Books on Stammering

I do not think there is a absolute best book on stuttering. I mean, some stuttering books are easier to read and understand and others are harder to understand, so if you rather buy a book to help your stutter, then I would definitely reccogment a stutering guide that is simple and easy to read, because to me, simple books are more effective, because you will most likely read the entire information in that book, than if it used big words from the dictionary.

Let's say for instance, you bought the Kill Your Stutter ebook and instantly downloaded it to your computer after purchase. You quickly realize that the Kill Your Stutter guide has a lot of easy activities for you to do while in the car driving or watching television. While you are doing your normal day routine, you are actually doing something for yourself that will change your life and it's not painfully done or is taking anything away from you.

I'm sure you will find the book on kill your stutter pretty good because:

For 1: It's convient
For 2: You can do it anywhere
For 3: The activities are easy
For 4. When you do the activities, it's not painful to do
For 5. There are no dictionary words
For 6. It's fun
For 7. Almost instant results when you go through each step

You see, most people wanna be smart buyers. When searching for the best books on stammering, it is the same thing. If what you are looking for in a good stuttering book is listed above, then the Kill Your Stutter ebook might be your best stammering book. I would advise you to read what buyers are saying about the book before purchasing it though. Testomonies are the backbone to knowing a great book.
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The Steps for Overcome Stammering

Below, you will find helpful articles on steps for overcome stammering. These written articles has nothing to do with this site, however, I found them pretty interesting and valuable and wanted to share it with you. Hopefullyyou will learn some steps for overcoming stammering.

Overcoming your stammering is challenging. I can not lie and say that it's something that is easy to do. However, with some helpful tips, you can use what you learn to identify your hardest challenge, then work on that challenge to help stop stammering.

HeliumOvercoming stuttering
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Rid of Stammering Once and For All

Live-Love-Life - Get Rid of Stammering Once and For All -

Getting rid of stammering is hard only if you're reading the wrong resource. Not all information is helpful if you think about.

I was a terrible stutterer, but I learned how to get rid of my stammer by overcoming my speech problem.
Understand that you can not just get rid of your stutter if you don't know what triggers it. The triggering of any stutterer stutter are different for everybody. That's why I say that you have to understand YOUR stutter.

Having the courage to get rid of stammering is all up to you, but remember that it is you who will suffer from it, not anyone else if you do not take the initiative to find the proper resource that meets your standards, however soome stammering resources are costly than others.

My advice to you is that:

1 Study your stammering pattern
2. know your stutter
3. find the solution that meets your stuttering guidelines

Hope this helps:-)
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