Saturday, October 30, 2010

Technique To Help Stop Stammering As Fast As Possible

Do you seriously want to learn  some technique to stop stammering as fast as possible? Sure, there are many techniques to decrease your stammering, such as :

1. Reading outloud to yourself
2. Not making direct eye contact when talking to people
3. Practice talking on the phone
4. Slow your words down when talking fast
5. Pronounce all your words the right way
6. Breathe betwwen words

Now, all of these techniques work. Some work better for others and some don't, but before you can effectively stop stuttering, you first have to know what triggers your stutter. Besides that, knowing the cause of stuttering will help tremendously.

You know the old saying" knowledge is power", so very true. And it works the same way with fluency disorder. Knowing will definitely help you discover what techniques to use to help stop stammering.

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