Friday, December 23, 2011

Don't Forget to Socialize This Christmas and Don't Sweat Stammering Over Your Words

Merry Christamas to all stutterers across the world. Today I want to talk to you today about socializing this Christmas and how doing so will give you the courage to do it often. Reason why I created this post is because I know how difficult it is to socialize with a whole lot of people around you that don't stammer and get a comfortable feeling about it. Even if you'r not going to be around a bunch of your family or friends, it's still important to connect with people on Christmas. because this is the time of year that everyone gets to share what their thankful for and discuss New Years resolutions, even goals. This is the time where you want to get your point across and when you do, you will feel awesome about it.

I'm not saying that Christmas is the only time to socialize, but why hide from the world when it's open to all type of conversations? You have a lot to say, so go ahead and say it, laugh, eat, and cherish the moment, which you can not take back.

If you don't talk much because you're embarrased of your stammring, this should be an ultimate test. I want to test you, shoot, test yourself this Christmas and New Years to conversate as much as possible. Don't focus so much on your stammer, if you don't worry about it, I promise you that no body else will either.

In order to really see change in your stutter, you must learn to talk to people all the time, even if it's just asking a simple question.

Trust me, there were planty of times where I felt stupid of repesting the same word or syllabus 3 or 4 times just to get a single word or phrase out, but I quickly shook ity off and got over it. And let me tell you, even if someone snikers, because they think it's funny, be real with them. Tell them look,. "what are you laughing at?" If they tell you that it's because of how you said the word or phrase, thell them, "to be honest with you, I feel some type way and I don't appreciate you doing that because I stutter". When you tell them that, more than likely they will stop and really think about how you feel and they won't do it anymore.

People can't help what is funny, and sometimes I have to admit by putting myself in other peoples shoes. I'd probably sniker too if I wasn't a stutterer, so it's no big deal, as long as they don't make it habbit of literally making fun of me or talk about me.

Do you see where I'm getting at? It's ok to stutter, it's part of your life, however talking to people will decrease your stammer.
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