Saturday, April 16, 2011

When The 2012 President Election Comes, Should Trump Run?


Stutterers have a voice too right? Well, when the 2012 president election comes, should trump run?

You're probably giggling to yourself, and that's how I was too, but seriously though. The government wants Donald Trump to run for the 2012 president election, that's why they have created this huge campaign called "Should Trump Run"? I'm positive that this story hasn't reached everybody yet and I'm probably a few bloggers who have written an article on this thus far, because I heard the story on CNN yesterday and this is just a developing story.

Based on how many people that vote, it might persuade Donald Trump into running, but honestly though, I do not feel like he should run for president. Let me explain why.

1. Donald Trump is like a billionnair and he can probably buy the United States if he wanted to.

2. They are just trying their hardest to get the first black president, Barack Obama out of office.

3. The government is so trapped and corrupted, they will try to find anything to blame and because Donald Trump is so filthy rich, hey figure "he has money and power".

Honestly, I just do not understand why these people think that Donald Trump running and winning the election is going to end all this war stuff and confusion in the United States.

I mean, think about this, isn't it easier to destroy, but so hard to repair damages, such as killing over billions of people in the world? The United States is all about brain washing us in aking us think that they are for us. That is why presidents like John F. Kennedy got assisinated and black leaders like Martin Luther King got assisinated. Whenever real leader like these tell the truth, they get shot.

Trump can probably change the world and make it better, but it will take some years.

They haven't even given president Obama four years and they expect things to be better. NO! This type of stuff will take like 10 or 20 years, not just 4 years of office.

If you take a look at, you will see how they set up the website, just like a sales page. Everyting is so laid out for us to get sinked in and run with it. You'll see his bio, Obama vs Trump poll, everyting is good with him.

Well, my fellow stutterers, if you feel like you don't have a voice because you stammer, this is the perfect time to voice your opioion on whether or not Trump should run for 2012 president election. This is our time to speak up and vote, soooo, Should Trump Run?

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