Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Causes One To Stammer and How Can You Overcome It

So you stammer eh and you want to know what causes one to stammer and how can you overcome it? Well, first off, yes, I am a stutterer and I have overcome my stuttering. The reason is because I've come to understand my stammer though.

Understabding your speech problem shouldn't be hard:

1. You know what words always get's your stummering
2. You know how you are feeling wheneveryou stammer
3. You know which type of stammering you do with specific words or sentences.

See, there are so many ways to look deep into your speech impediment, that you do have options.

So, what causes one to stammer?

People who stutter want to get into certain emotional states of mind and that
causes them to begin stuttering because it acts like a trigger. Confused? In the how to stop stammering information, it has great wording about what causes stammering and some possible solutions to overcome stuttering.

Now, a solution to stammering can be different things for some people. I am not concluding that my stammering is 100% cured, because if you read my last article on "Solution to Stammering in 10 Minutes", you will soon realize that it is symbolic for someone to say that "controlling your stammer" and "curing stutter" are just alike.

But, mind you that I am internet radio producer and host and I stutter sometimes when I forget to use my stuttering techniques. But, I'm not bragging, I just want to encourage you to not use your stuttering as an excuse for you not doing what you love and hinder your self- esteem from being high.

The causes of stammering and how you can overcome stammering is what all stutterers want to know, trust when I say that it can be overwelming, but you'll get through it.

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