Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top Stammering Associations

When it comes to stuttering support groups and stammering associations it shouldn't be hard to find because there are only a few well knows ones. In this case, I'll be giving you the top stammering associations.


1. The British Stammering Association is your first point of contact for information
and support on stammering.

Actually, I just found out about not too long ago and I'm pleased to say that they are truly there for you. It's like a family.

British Stammering Association is a non profit organization for stutterers. They have great sources such as "Speaking Out,  the leading voice of stammering in the UK, Radio and stammering helpline.

I'm even a member of of their Facebook group, they always have valuable information for stutterers on their official Brisitish Stammering Assiciation Facebook page.

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